New Book!

Websighting: "The Man Behind Shrek" ; Summer Note: Instant Library

From The Seattle Times, August 10, 2008, "The Man Behind Shrek", this piece on William Steig: http://www.seattletimes.nwsource.com/

Summer Note: Ink Spill has temporarily relocated to way downeast, Maine. Recently, at a library book sale in a small village known for its Christmas wreath-making industry, we were happily surprised to find ( conveniently grouped together): Thomas Kunkel's biography of Harold Ross, "Genius In Disguise", Ben Yagoda's history of the New Yorker, "About Town", Brendan Gill's "Here At The New Yorker", "The New Yorker Book of Verse" ( looking good in its 73 year old jacket), "The Illustrated Woody Allen Reader", and "The Most of S.J. Perelman" (also looking sharp in its 50 year old jacket). An instant New Yorker library!

Old Book!