New Book!

"Cartoonist of the Month" blog takes a breather ; "The Cartoon Lounge" starts its engines ; Rea Irvin piece in Print ; Vintage Books reissues two Joseph Mitchell classics

Keen-eyed Newyorker.com cartoonist blog afficiandos may have noticed that there is no July Cartoonist of the Month on the website. Ink Spill, wondering what was up, contacted The New Yorker, and was informed that the blog is on "hiatus"...meanwhile, the long awaited Cartoonist Lounge has appeared, with a foursome listed as Authors. According to The New Yorker, that list will "probably" expand in the future.

Just posted: From Print Magazine, "Everybody Loves Rea Irvin", this wonderful piece by Emily Gordon: http://printmag.com/"

From The Daily News, July 6, 2008, "Two reissues of Joseph Mitchell's Books are revealing", this piece on Vintage Book's reissues of Mitchell's "Up In the Old Hotel' and "My Ears Are Bent" ( the latter contains pieces on New Yorker cartoonists Helen Hokinson and Peter Arno):

Old Book!