New Book!

Victoria Roberts about to depart New Yorker blog, Crawford steps in ; Blogspotting: Review of Feiffer's "A Room With A Zoo" ; Websighting: Bob Staake talks about his recent New Yorker cover

Victoria Roberts is about to hang up her New Yorker "Cartoonist of the Month" blogging shoes -- job well done, Victoria ( especially enjoyed the 11th Street series!). She will of course continue on, business as usual, on her own site: http://thevictoriaroberts.com/

Michael Crawford will take over the New Yorker blog for the month of June.

From the blog, a wrung sponge, May 29, 2008, "Review: A Room With A Zoo", this piece on a book for children by Jules Feiffer published in 2005: http://awrungsponge.blogspot.com/

From Bob Staake's website bobstaake.com., "Foot In the Door", June 2008, this interesting piece by Staake on the evolution of his current New Yorker cover ( thanks to Mike Lynch's site for the link): http://www.bobstaake.com/

Old Book!