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Cartoonists turn out for Cartoon Bank Event ; Blogspotting: Steinberg's "Reflections and Shadows"

Last night's Cartoon Bank event ( welcoming the Cartoon Bank to its new offices in NYC ) brought out a healthy number of cartoonists. Among those partying under the coffee pot shaped hanging lights at The Coffee House Club http://www.coffeehouseclub.org/
George Booth, Leo Cullum, Sam Gross, Bob Mankoff, Roz Chast, P.C. Vey, Liza Donnelly, Jack Ziegler, Ward Sutton, David Sipress, Carolita Johnson, Drew Dernavitch, Mick Stevens, and Zach Kanin.

The high point of the evening: Bob Mankoff standing on a seemingly wobbly chair, addressing the throng.

From the blog, Bill Randall, "Reflections and Shadows" this Steinberg piece, originally run in The Comics Journal, Issue #258, February 2004: http://billrandall.net/

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