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Websighting: Andy Friedman Interview; Cartoon dust-ups

From The Brooklyn Rail, May 2008, "In conversation with Andy Friedman": http://www.brooklynrail.org/

Dust ups from around the web: Robert Leighton's current drawing in The New Yorker ( the issue of May 12, 08) has stirred up a few bloggers as has the recent Algonquin event celebrating the release of "Sex and Sensibility". A cartoon in the current issue about the price of gas caused a blogger out west to label the drawing "a typically New York-ish snobby-yet-witty take on 'what must be going on in the suburbs,' keeping the magazine's readers ( or those who pretend to read it while waiting at their doctor's office) informed on the perils of not living in a metropolis..." Ouch.

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