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Chast, Modell, Koren, Feiffer art in benefit auction ; Algonguin "Sex & Sensibility" note

From Demos.org, this news of a benefit auction, May 15, 2008, of work by Frank Modell, Jules Feiffer, Edward Koren and Roz Chast ( Chast also curated the event): http://www.demos.org/

Note: Follow-up to the previous post concerning Signe Wilkinson & Julia Suits at the upcoming Algonquin party hosted by The Dorothy Parker Society celebrating the release of "Sex & Sensibility": Suits will not attend.
Barbara Smaller, Carolita Johnson, Victoria Roberts, Marisa Acocella Marchetto, and the book's editor, Liza Donnelly will be in attendance. Party information:http://dorothyparker.com/

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