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Blogspotting: Sempe mural ; Websightings: Saxon revisited ; Edward Sorel subject of Rants & Raves

From the blog Larchmont Daily Photo, April 21, 2008, "Sempe" a brief piece, and photo of a Sempe mural: http://larchmontdailyphoto.blogspot.com/

From Eli Stein cartoons.com, April 17, 2008, "We All Have To Start Somewhere" Dept. Case in Point No.5, this short piece on Charles Saxon's development as a cartoonist: http://www.elisteincartoons.com/

From Go Comics, R.C. Harvey's Rants & Raves, April 16, 2008, "Ed Sorel" : http://gocomics.typepad.com/

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