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Websighting: Gallery Bershad's Mischa Richter page ; Blogspotting: Bruce Petty's Film "Global Haywire" ; Websighting: "Sex & Sensibility" Party at The Algonquin

Gallery Bershad's site devoted to Mischa Richter, including samples of his work, a biography and an appreciation by Philip Hamburger: http://bershad.com/

From the Austrailian blog TV Tonight, April 9, 2008, "At the movies" a listing for "Global Haywire", a film by Bruce Petty (thanks to Victoria Roberts for the link): http://www.tvtonight.com/

Promotional festivities continue for "Sex & Sensibility" ( a book featuring the work of two editorial cartoonists and eight New Yorker cartoonists). This notice from The Dorothy Parker Society on a party to be held at The Algonquin Hotel , April 30, 2008.: http://dorothyparker.com/

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