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Blogspotting: The Story of Toon Books ; Websightings: Ivan Brunetti talk at Illinois State ; Michelle Urry remembered

From The Jaime Starling Blog, March 8, 2008, "The Story of Toon Books", a post devoted to the origin of Francoise Mouly's & Art Spiegelman's comic books for kids: http://jaimestarling.blogspot.com/

From Pantagraph.com, "University Briefs" ( see listing under 'Illinois State"), March 9. 2008, this short notice of an Ivan Brunetti talk on "the history and aesthetics of cartoons, comics and graphic novels" : http://www.pantagraph.com/

From Sequential, Canadian Comix News & Culture, October 17, 2006, this obit for long time Playboy Cartoon Editor, Michelle Urry: http://sequential.spiltink.org/

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