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Exhibit: Art of Illustration ; Websightings: Cullum, Friedman, Barton

Exhibit: The Art of Illustration :
"The Art of Matching Picture to Text: An Exhibition to Celebrate the Art of Illustration" -- a group show including work by Reginald Marsh and Steinberg (August 20 -October 19, 2007 at The Newark Public Library). http://www.npl.org/Pages/ProgramExhibits/Exhibits/illus07.html

Websightings: Cullum, Friedman, Barton:
"The Cartoon World of Leo Cullum '63" -- a profile from Holy Cross Magazine, Summer 2006 http://www.holycross.edu/departments/publicaffairs/hcm/summer06/features/feature1.html

"Interview: Andy Friedman" from the blog, Nailgun, January 21, 2007 http://www.nailgunmedia.com/blog/archives/2007/01/interview_andy.html

"Ralph Barton Theater Curtain" from The National Portrait Gallery http://www.npg.si.edu/exh/caricatures/bartcut.htm

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