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Websightings: Tilleymania! Seth's turn on Tilley, Francoise Mouly audio feature on Tilley, and Tilley contest winners ; Bill Lee in the 2008 Dutch Farmer's Almanac ; Comic Art #9 reviewed

Tilleymania! The New Yorker's 83rd anniversary issue is just out, with a Eustace Tilley inspired cover by Seth ( the cover is credited to Rea Irvin & Seth). Rea Irvin was the first to use the upside down double logo cover, on the issue of November 1, 1930: http://www.cartoonbank.com/
Also online: an audio feature with Francoise Mouly discussing Tilley and the recent New Yorker Tilley contest. The site also has a link to a slide show "Your Eustace" featuring the winning entries: http://www.newyorker.com/

From Kluis Publishing this listing for their 2008 Dutch Farmer's Almanac, with cartoons by Bill Lee Scroll down for a brief Lee bio. ( The Minneapolis - St. Paul Star Tribune briefly carried a story online mentioning Bill Lee as the contributing cartoonist -- unfortunately, that story is now only available for a fee): http://alankluis.com/

From Playback, February 1, 2008, this review of Comic Art #9 ( with mentions of Richard Taylor and Gluyas Williams): http://www.playbacksti.com/

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