New Book!

Websightings: Edward Sorel in the Nation: "How I Lost My Job and Found Happiness"; A Ben Katchor theater collaboration. Blogspotting: Mike Lynch, "Cartoonists on Cartooning"

From The Nation, January 24, 2008, "How I Lost My Job and Found Happiness" : http://ww.thenation.com/

From The Gothamist, January 25, 2008, "Pencil This In" -- a Theater piece concerning "The Slug Bearers of Kayrol Island" -- Ben Katchor in collaboration with Mark Mulcahy: http://gothamist.com/

From Mike Lynch Cartoons, , January 25, 2008, "Cartoonists on Cartooning" : http://mikelynchcartoons.blogspot.com/

Old Book!