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FSG's Steig Website; Websightings: Twohy, Darrow, Johnson

FSG's Steig Website:
"William Steig" A Farrar Straus & Giroux website devoted to Steig http://www.williamsteig.htm

Websightings: Twohy, Darrow, Johnson:
"Comics: Meet The Artist", a transcript of an online chat with Mike Twohy, January 17, 2003 http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/liveonline/03/regular/ style/comics/r_style_comics011703.htm

"All he ever did" A short profile of Whitney Darrow, Jr. From PAW, November 22, 2006 http://www.princeton.edu/~paw/archive_new/PAW06-07/05-1122/features_darrow.html

"Carolita Johnson, Interview with a New Yorker cartoonist" from Identitytheory.com , March 14, 2007http://www.identitytheory,com/visual/johnson_index.php

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