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Blogspotting: Edward Koren video ; Websightings: Crumb in Detroit Exhibit ; Cartoon Bank issues new Valentine's Day collection

From the blog, Potrzebie, January 17, 2008, "Cartoonist-fireman Ed Koren" with a great Youtube clip of Koren: http://potrzebie.blogspot.com/

From The Detroit New, January 17, 2008, "Sex, death and cars", a report on an exhibit at Detroit's C-Pop Gallery, "Carnivora: The Dark Art of the automobile" which includes work by R. Crumb : http://www.detnews.com/

From The Cartoon Bank site, an ad for a new Valentine's Day cartoon collection "Will You Be Mine?" ( with a charming Arnie Levin cover). Begins shipping January 28th: http://www.cartoonbank.com/

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