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An Appreciation: Peter Steiner's "Portraits & Self Portraits"

Drive , don't walk to see "Portraits & Self Portraits", an exhibit of Peter Steiner's paintings now on display at The Hotchkiss School's Tremaine Gallery in Lakeville, Ct.. At the artist's reception last night, gallery goers could see various New Yorker cartoonists such as Jack Ziegler and Liza Donnelly peering at their portraits in acrylics as well as portraits of fellow cartoonists Lee Lorenz and Mick Stevens. [ Full disclosure: this cartoonist's portrait is part of the exhibit ] The show consists of portraits of Steiner's friends, acquaintances and family and a remarkably intense and sometimes humorous series of thirty-six self-portraits. The exhibit runs through February 2, 2008. Further information: http://www.hotchkiss.org/

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