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Peter Arno's Birthday ; "Finding Arno"

Curtis Arnoux Peters, Jr., later known as Peter Arno, was born one hundred and four years ago today in New York City. Cartoon collections that appeared in his lifetime include Peter Arno's Parade, Peter Arno's Hullabaloo, For Members Only, Peter Arno's Circus, Peter Arno's Cartoon Revue, Peter Arno's Favorites, Ladies & Gentlemen, Sizzling Platter, Man In the Shower, Hell of a Way to Run a Railroad, and Lady in the Shower. And then there was his first book, Whoops Dearie! (published in 1927 by Simon & Schuster) not a collection but a story ghost-written by Philip Wylie and dotted with Arno illustrations.

Finding Arno: Here’s a piece I wrote about him that appeared in Cartoonists Profiles, December 2004: http://michaelmaslin.com/

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