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Sam Cobean Website Added; Websightings: Shanahan, John O'Brien, Sempe

Sam Cobean Websight:
Sam Cobean's World, a site dedicated to the late great Sam Cobean (1915 -1951) now added to the Links section. http://www.samcobean.com/

Websightings: Shanahan, John O'Brien, Sempe:
"Breakfast At Shanahan's" -- A profile by Nina Shengold from The Chronogram, 2003 http://www.chronogram.com/issue/2003/12/communitynotebook/index.html

A short piece on John O'Brien: "Down The Shore" by Nicole Pensiero, from New Jersey Monthly, August 2006 http://www.njmonthly.com/issues/aug06/gvlife.html

"J.J. Sempe: Dialogue" Interview by Steve Heller, from Print, 2006 http://printmag.com.com/design_articles/dialogue_jjsempe/tabid/222/Default.aspx

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