Advertising Work by New Yorker Cartoonists, Pt. 20: William Steig (Part 3)

We continue with this series of advertising work by New Yorker artists, nearly all of it brought to you via the tireless efforts and generosity of Warren Bernard (when others have contributed it is duly noted). William Steig, one the gods of the New Yorker cartoon world did a lot (a lot) of advertising work. He’s the first in this series to rate a Part 3 (with a potential Part 4 in the future). Dates for ads: AmEX, 1952; Pennzoil, 1952; Dupont, 1946; Nestle’s Quik, 1953; Delco, 1960.   

Here’s Mr. Steig’s listing on the Spill’s New Yorker Cartoonists A-Z:

William Steig (photo above) Born in Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 14, 1907, died in Boston, Mass., Oct. 3, 2003. In a New Yorker career that lasted well over half a century and a publishing history that contains more than a cart load of books, both children’s and otherwise, it’s impossible to sum up Steig’s influence here on Ink Spill. He was among the giants of the New Yorker cartoon world, along with James Thurber, Saul Steinberg, Charles Addams, Helen Hokinson and Peter Arno. Lee Lorenz’s World of William Steig (Artisan, 1998) is an excellent way to begin exploring Steig’s life and work. New Yorker work: 1930 -2003.




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