About 115 Drawings

Back in the Spring of 1977, when I was just a year out of college and trying ( unsuccessfully) to convince The New Yorker to take me on, Tom Heidt, a friend with some extra cash to spare, offered to pay for a book of my work to be published. One thousand copies were printed by a mid-town Manhattan company, Lawford Press. Over time about five to six hundred copies have made their way out into the world.

Six months after the book was published, I sold to The New Yorker for the very first time. The work in 115 Drawings is barely like the work that began appearing in The New Yorker — it’s a snapshot of work phasing from what I’d been doing in college into something more, uh, let’s say, understandable.

Details:Title: 115 Drawings
Published: April 1977
Printed by Lawford Press. New York
Size: 6” x 9”